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Responsive Website Design

Our customers have been benefiting from Responsive Website Designs for about 18 months now. As the name implies, Responsive Websites adjust to suit the browser your website appears on, from smart phones up to smart TV’s. This site is Responsive, reduce the size of the page you are looking at by dragging the bottom corner or right side of the page in, watch the Menu change, large fonts resize and pictures move to a new location but most important, the wording you need to read is easily legible.

Responsive Web Design Coffs HarbourAs more and more people use smart phones and tablets to view websites, your site needs to be able to be viewed and navigated easily. This is why we use this technology in the sites we build. Before responsive designs, there were the unreliable mobile sites but most viewers went to the site.

This very site is Responsive, try it on tablets, mobiles and your computer and you will see how easy it is to see and get information

Of course if a customer doesn’t want responsive we are only to happy to build a standard site. Responsive Websites are a must though and can be applied to any website including Shopping Cart sites and they make shopping from them a breeze.

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