Website Domain Names Coffs Harbour


More and more small businesses are taking advantage of all the benefits of having a presence on the internet. Whether it’s used to promote your products and services, for online trading, or simply so you have email addresses that reflect your business name, getting your website up and running is a relatively simple process.

1: Choose a domain name (it does not need to be your business name). Check to see if you are eligible for the name.

Different criteria apply for the various
types of domain spaces. You will also need to decide on the second level domain you’d like – this is the ‘.com’ or ‘.net’ part of the name based on your preference and/or eligibility

2: Check that your chosen domain name is available.

Use the WHOIS service at If your chosen name is not available, look at other options, like acronyms, or the names of events, products or services you offer.

3: Arrange for your domain name to be “hosted”.

A hosting service provides a location (a computer somewhere, connected to the internet) for your website and allows it to be seen on the internet. We are more than happy to provide this service to you and it is free for us to manage it for you.

4: Create your web page and set up your email addresses.

We can do all of this when we manage your domain name.

5: Renew

You must continue to be eligible for your domain name and renew your licence every 2 years or you will lose your right to use the domain name. You can transfer to a different registrar if you wish. Some new Premium gTLD Domain names must be renewed annually.

Remember, you don’t own a domain name. Rather, you hold a licence to use the domain name for a specified period of time and provided certain criteria are met. If you need help or advice please call Jeff on 0448 362 362.